Luxury escorts: The business of prostitution

Obviously, it is never easy to make accounts about businesses that do not handle any type of legal accounting or, at least, whose numbers can be controlled by the public administration. Even so, the estimations of the different organisms point to the fact that prostitution in Spain moves around 18,000 million euros, a huge amount that, in addition to giving a serious indication about the problem, escapes the control of the treasury.

The figure can be found in the report “The masters of prostitution in Spain”, prepared by the journalist Joan Cantarero, and also in the data handled by the Association of Owners of Alternate Clubs, reflecting the important economic movement of a business that, in reality, enjoy a legal loophole. We must remember that practicing prostitution in Spain is not a crime, although it is procuring, that is, one that benefits from the activity of prostitutes.

To the cited figure, we must add the amounts that are accumulated legally around the business of prostitution. Local hostels, bars, hotels, pensions and even newspapers are some of the beneficiaries of the activity of the 400,000 people engaged in prostitution in Spain, although data from the Civil Guard reduce this figure to 100,000. It is worth mentioning that Spanish newspapers that publish contact announcements pocket around 40 million euros per year, a very succulent amount that is not easy to renounce.

As for the number of people who opt for this type of service, the data handled by the administration suggests that Spaniards spend around 50 million euros per day. An amount that is distributed between the 96,000 prostitutes who work in local hostess and the six thousand who do it in the street, according to the data of the Civil Guard. In this sense, a report by the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-Treatment of Women states that 40% of men between 17 and 65 years old use this type of service, even when they are married (half) or have children (four of every ten).

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to articulate mechanisms that allow regularizing an activity for which there is undeniable that there is an important demand. On the one hand, it would allow recognizing the rights of women who are dedicated to it, beyond the measures put in place in some municipalities that, with the intention of ending it, has decided to impose fines for the exercise of prostitution up to three thousand euros. On the other, it would be possible to make visible a huge amount of money that would benefit the public purse. Of course, with the usual considerations in these cases, such as the contribution to Social Security and the benefits obtained in this regard: medical insurance, retirement …

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