face2face | FAQ’s

1. What is face2face?

face2face is the next chapter in social aggregation applications that respects the sensitive and personal nature of the information you give it. face2face is an application for your smartphone that instantly enables you to consolidate your existing social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and Twitter. You can connect with friends and chat via instant messages or arrange to meet face-to-face. You can also view and comment on aggregated newsfeeds and can update your status across networks. And all this without ever compromising your privacy or security.

2. How do I get started?

Download face2face to your smartphone. Try out or register if you like and go about your daily life to see how face2face helps opens up your world.

3. I already have too many social networks – why do I need face2face?

You need it more than anybody. Because face2face is NOT a network, it’s a way to consolidate and manage your networks from a single application. face2face makes communicating through all of them an easy, intuitive process. Control and protect all your information from a single place.

4. If face2face organizes all my networks in one place, how does it keep me private?

face2face gives you total control over what your friends can see. No one else can see you on face2face unless you can also see them. We don’t broadcast, we bettercast, to the friends you keep close and want closer.

5. Is face2face a location-based application?

Yes – but not the kind where you have to check-in or disclose your location to the world. There’s no check-in and no disclosing your location to anyone. face2face is pioneering the concept of “proximity awareness” – allowing you to enjoy the benefits of sharing with friends in your network when you’re nearby, without divulging precise location. With this level of security as an integral part, face2face gives you the confidence to instantly link your existing social networks and be able to send instant messages, call and control who you meet so you can enjoy an active social lifestyle without sacrificing your privacy.

6. So I’m at a concert…

Check face2face to see who’s nearby – there’s a good chance some of your friends and friends of friends are also at the concert. Just send them an instant message with our free chat, arrange to meet face-to-face and enjoy sharing the experience. Simply seeing everyone at the concert on a map would probably not help. face2face gives you the ability to connect with individuals on your terms – just being near somewhere doesn’t mean you want to send an open invitation to connect with everyone in person.

7. So everyone suddenly knows I’m taking my sister/daughter/niece to the Justin Bieber concert? How embarrassing!

No – there’s no broadcasting like other location based networks. Remember…we bettercast! With face2face you only share with people in your network and who are nearby. So it’s likely only friends who share that particular shame would ever know…

8. What if there’s nobody nearby?

Turn on the “Friends of Friends” feature to expand your network; now you can reach out to all your friends’ circles – those acquaintances you half-know, would like to know, or wish you knew better. Chances are a friend of a friend is someone you’d have a lot in common way. In this way face2face expands your social world in real time, letting you make new friends through proxies and proximity.

9. Does it work with my phone?

face2face works with most smartphones including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and even many J2ME (such as Nokia’s) handsets.

10. Sounds good – what does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! Sound better still? Download face2face now.