About face2face

Others broadcast….we bettercast! There’s no need to check in or shout out where you are to meet someone.

face2face is for everyone who enjoys the way social networks have enriched their online lives and are looking for a simple and secure solution that enhances, but does not overwhelm, their experience.

face2face allows you to connect all your favorite social networks – with efficiency and privacy. With face2face you can exchange messages with your contacts and friends without having to pay for SMS. face2face makes chatting with friends across networks possible.

face2face opens the hidden possibilities that your social networks provide by showing you how you are connected with the world and provides opportunities to get introduced and meet up with friends of friends. We do this without invading your privacy or broadcasting your personal or location information.

face2face protects you while it connects you. It’s the first step toward our broader vision of a private, yet socially active lifestyle.