Conversation is natural, for some at least, and social networking should be just as natural but it seems as though we’ve lost the art of conversation somehow. True, there are those amongst us who prefer a quiet book, a walk alone in the park or a shack in the middle of a wood or high on a mountainside somewhere but most of us would like to think we knew how to network and how to be social wouldn’t we? For others the thought of social networking sends a painful shiver down the spine and if this is sounding a little like you this roadmap should help to point you in the right direction.

I hope you will take something new and valuable from this and add it to your networking know-how to become the social networking superstar you always wanted to be and if centre stage isn’t for you, then perhaps a supporting role with damn good backing vocals that people will remember for years to come is more your social networking story.  We define conversation as an informal talking together, and that is exactly what social networking is all about sharing our voices, visions and personalities across the social web.  watching and offering their opinions, finding out about what others are doing,  in the new way of communicating online.

But many times there is an underlying collective purpose to this sharing. It is a participatory effort. The social aspect reflects that people have something in common, and the networking brings those people and their ideas together. Social networking, because it is made up of two words, can have many meanings, and using this form of communication can only compliment the business and how you build relationships. Businesses all over the world can have their name spread in a positive or negative way through social networking, this new media conversation is a powerful marketing toll if tuned and channelled correctly.

This type of networking builds social awareness and potentially, more visitors to a site or location. The social side of networking is an excellent way to stay connected in relationships and build new ones across the world. Social networking is the new way to inform and to be informed, and its influence is growing every minute like a modern day Bible. They are all, for the most part, using the power of conversation through Web 2.0 sites and cell phones.

Social media as a whole transcends age, race and religion in a way nothing has ever done before. Teenagers can have much more in common with twenty somethings, thirty somethings, middle agers and even old guys like me these days.

The simple truth is that people want to know what other people are doing, and people like to tell others about it. But social networking is not just about finding out that someone just took a shower or finished gardening the yard. It’s about setting up a strategy to expand your reach in relationships, business and life in general.

The Truth About Social Networking For Socially Challenged Entrepreneurs