Aspire Atlantis 2 features a tank system that is innovative and loaded with a lot of features that makes it better than most of the tank systems. The modification in the design has brought about an improvement in the airflow. The overall capacity of the tank is 3ml. The airflow can be adjusted at the drip trip. This permits the users to have a control over the temperature in order to have a cooler experience while vaping. Organic cotton is utilized in the new sub ohm coils. All the modifications in the design combine to offer mammoth vapors and an intense flavor. It is quite east to fill the tank, carry it and install as well.


All one needs to do is to remove the clearomizer and unscrew from the bottom. Inject the e-juice into the bottom between the pyrex tube and the chimney. Fill the e-liquid up to the receptacle that is crown shaped. In order to prevent any leaks, you need to avoid overfilling of the tank. While installing a coil, it is crucial to have the coil primed by letting the organic cotton soak the e-juice entirely. This can be done easily by filling tank and let it wait for a couple of minutes.

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How to fill an Aspire Atlantis 2 tank?
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