With the invention of BOTOX, many people are switching to cosmetic therapies, and hence if you are a medical practitioner, taking botox training will obviously going to help you gain more profit, by serving the people. Botox is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on face, due to which it has gained more attention from public, especially ladies. Along with this there are many other advantages of BOTOX injectables, in dentistry, in migraine treatment, etc. Along with its advantages, BOTOX does have some side effects, and hence before you undergo this therapy you need to speak with your practitioners about your medical history.


AAAMS cosmetic surgery is the only program which provides formal training in aesthetic medicine and surgery, for nurses, physicians and practitioners. The course is designed to train staff on the basic approach of the physician and become swollen lip sculpting, Botox certification, dermal fillers, etc.  Many training providers offer one “type” of trains: only doctors, RGNs or dentists. Whilst here it’s not so as they have diverse team of trainers from all sectors – Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses, Dentists, Medical Aestheticians and Cosmetic Surgeons. And hence if you fall in any of these categories what are you waiting for?

On completion of your training you will receive a CPD certificate which allows you to obtain your insurance to start practicing. This is the most important part of training, as receiving certificate is the most important thing, as it guarantees that you have hands on the nursing and cosmetic subjects.

Botox certification importance: